The ROMI DCM 620 - 5F is an advanced vertical machining centre designed for the 5-axis machining of complex components at high speeds. Our 5-axis machine can produce intricate parts in a single setup significantly reduce machining time offering a high level of efficiency, accuracy & productivity.

Rotary axis (C-axis) and the tilt axis (B-axis)

The NC rotary / tilt table offers maximum rigidity. It is equipped with linear encoders ensuring accuracy on all 5-axis during simultaneous machining.

  • B and C axes features
  • B axis inclination angle -110° to +110°
  • C axis rotation angle 360°
  • B and C axes are driven by independent motors
  • Maximum component weight on the table (B and C axes) 300 kg
  • B and C axes speed 25rpm

Main Technical Features

Table Size (mm)650 x 650
Travel (X-axis) (mm)620
Travel (Y-axis) (mm) 520
Travel (Z-axis) (mm) 460
Spindle nose to table surface (mm)150-610
Rotation angle B-axis (degrees)-110° to +110°
Rotation angle C-axis (degrees)360°
Maximum table load (kg)300
Number of tools30
Spindle taperBBT/BT-40
Maximum spindle speeds (rpm)10,000
Rapid traverse rate (X,Y,Z axes) (m/min)36
Maximum rotation (B,C axes) (rpm)25
Spindle motor (hp/kw)24/18